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Teresa Sullivan is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and has over 15 Years in practice. She was the first call that AAAD Founder China McCarney made in 2015 when he needed to seek help for his Anxiety and Panic Attacks. That call changed his life.

“I attribute the positive change in my Mental Health Battle to the time I spent, and do spend, with Teresa. She gave me permission to be myself and do embrace what I was battling with. The call I made to her in 2015 to start counseling changed my life. I became proud of my identity and realized I didn’t have to hide what I was going through anymore. I could share it with everyone. I can easily say that the Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation does not exist if I do not meet Teresa.”
– China McCarney, AAAD Founder

Teresa is now a proud part of the AAAD Team and a tremendous resource for those looking to make the first step of seeking help and changing their life. She works with adolescents/teenagers, adults, and elders and specializes in Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD, as well as many other Mental Health Issues.

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