AAAD firmly believes that there are many resources and modalities that can help Mental Health Issues. One of those modalities is the E-Sports and Gaming Community. AAAD has partnered with several of the top Streamers on Twitch to put on Mental Health Awareness events to raise awareness and funds. Through these events and the funds raised, AAAD has been able to provide Free Therapy and other resources to people suffering from a Mental Health Issue all over the world.

AAAD Founder, China McCarney, also streams on Twitch at where he uses the platform to raise additional awareness and funds for Mental Health. He takes systematic breaks during his gaming sessions called “Mental Health Minutes” where he discussed his own battles, give tips for improving Mental Health and shares whatever message is beneficial for the AAAD Community.

AAAD hopes to continue to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health in the E-Sports and Gaming Community by partnering with Content Creators, Streamers and Gaming Organizations. There are so many ways to #BeTheChange with Mental Health and to #RidTheStigma attached to Mental Health Issues and AAAD plans to explore them all. Join Us!