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One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and for others is to Tell Your Story. Often times, while dealing with Anxiety or Depression, we hide what we are dealing with because we are ashamed or embarrassed. We often feel alone and think we are the only ones dealing with our particular battles. As soon as you begin to share your story you realize how many people are dealing with a battle similar to yours. You start to realize that a part of your story can help them or a part of their story can help you. The stigma attached to Mental Health issues starts to fade away.

This is what we hope to help facilitate here at AAAD. We want YOU to tell your story. We want you to help us create a functional community where everyone realizes that you CAN live a successful life while fighting a Mental Health battle. It is not a negative. It is just a part of life. Share your story in 500 words or less about how Anxiety and/or Depression has impacted your life and how you continue to push and live life. Submit your story with a photo of yourself and we will post it here on the Tell Your Story page. Encourage others to do the same and comment on stories that you relate to. BE THE CHANGE!

Kaitlyn Govea’s Story

Hi, I am Kaitlyn Govea. I play catcher and third base at Siena College, and this is my story. I have always struggled with mental health. Nobody really knew that about me because I was so good at [...]

Grief and Leadership

I have either played or coached baseball for 34 years of my life. The past 16 I have been a High School baseball coach; the past 10 at Clever HS (MO).  What we as a community and team went [...]

Brandynn Clark’s Story

My name is Brandynn Clark and this is my story. I’m 27 years old and was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I grew up in a smaller suburb called Macedonia, Ohio which is just outside of the city.  I [...]

Julian Arroyo’s Story

Hello my name is Julian Arroyo, I play football and have depression and anxiety. I am a senior at Irvington High School and am committed to Whittier College to get a degree in psychology and [...]

Ryan Sweeney’s Story

When I was fifteen years old, I was blessed with the opportunity to leave my home and pursue elite baseball. This opportunity was afforded to me by my parents who made the decision to uproot [...]

My Story

It was fall of my 6th grade year, so I must have been twelve years old or so when I first realized something was wrong. As I laid in bed trying to go to sleep my chest began to tighten, it [...]

Bigger Than the Game

My name is Andrew Clark and I currently play collegiate baseball. Despite the highs of having the opportunity to play collegiate baseball, you’ll have to overcome the lows which is the hardest [...]

Not perfect

When people see me, they see a hard-working undergraduate student and athlete. Many think that I have it all together because I’m on a team and/or have above-average grades. What they do [...]